Woman doing thumbs up wearing protective mask


Together with GMS Software Manufaktur, we dealt with the subject of “full digitization” and contactless check-in / check-out, etc. In the Aparthotel Hutter you have the advantage of handling (almost) everything contactlessly: ...

Sommer am Katschberg

Die Freude ist groß! Am 15. Juli starten wir, das Aparthotel Hutter, in den Bergsommer. Schon jetzt können wir es kaum erwarten, Sie, unsere wertvollen Gäste, bei uns am Katschberg begrüßen zu dürfen. ...
Christmas market


Get into the Christmas spirit and enjoy the romantic Advent market in St. Michael with its special charm. ...
Reine Lungau - Biosphären Frischmilch

Pure Lungau

Experience the lived regionality from the Lungau biosphere park and enjoy the genuine, natural taste of the “Reine Lungau” products. ...