The new silverjet is ready!

13 years after the family Bogensperger the lifts of St. Margaret on the Salzburg side of the Katschberg to the top of Aineck practice r taken has to be replaced by modern telpher with the upcoming ski season all the old chair and drag lifts. Ba and beginning of the last phase of construction “Silverjet I,” a cable car for 8 people from the valley to the center section, is the 9th of April, the Fertigste l development will be done in time for the start of the season 2018/2019.

 Current construction sites – Camera

The old chairlift from St. Margarethen to “Silverjet II” (built in 2011) the last bottleneck on the Salzburg side of the Katschberg. But even this will become a member of the season 2018/2019 the past, and waiting periods, it should at the valley station in then probably give St. Margarethen no more, as evidenced by the following figures impressively: While the old double chairlift could carry 1,400 skiers per hour, there are 2,600 people in the new 8-seater cable car. Even the elevator speed will be increased tremendously over the chair from the year 1996th The journey time is reduced from 10 minutes to half. are produced lift and panoramic cabins (again) by the Austrian company Doppelmayr.

New checkout area. At the base station including cashier also no stone will remain unturned. A special feature is the self-service zone in which the tickets at home ordered online are convenient print. As part of the online purchase to obtain a QR code sent to your mobile phone, which is recognized by the reader of the machine at the base station. The cards are then immediately printed. Those who still preferred the personal attention by employees of flesh and blood, can contact one of the four teller.

No more lugging skis! Also new is the integrated to the ground floor of the valley station depot with 2’s and 4-in wardrobes, in which 2 pairs or four pairs of shoes and skis can be securely stored. The boxes are also heated, so you can get the next ski trip in dry and warm boots. From the 450 m2 large depot leads directly into the sport shop sporting group; it could be, after all, that any major ski accessory has been forgotten at home. Or you want to let his skis again perfectly adapted to the track conditions. A professional ski service takes five minutes, during which an espresso or fresh fruit juice goes out in the attached sports bar.

Zweigeschoßig. Once the escalator and the Greater elevator from the ground floor (the checkout area, toilet facilities, depot and sport shop) to the cable car on the first floor should be like. However, who comes from the slopes, drives directly “in” the first floor and the entry point of the “Silverjet I”.

“Silverjet I” in telegraphic style: 60 modern cabins, each for 8 persons – Driving time: 5 minutes – 2,600 people per hour – driving speed 6 m / s – Length 1672 meters – Vertical drop 480 meters