The Lungau in the sunny south of Salzburg is predestined for a relaxing winter experience. A real paradise for skier of every age.

The Salzburg’s Lungau Region lies on average at over 1,000 meters above sea level, thus able to offer lovers of the winter and ski fans absolutely ideal conditions. Lungau is the sunniest region in Austria, which means that alpine and cross-country skiers, ski tourers and winter hikers can all look forward to an unbeatable combination of gloriously clear winter air and crisp, fresh snow.

When temperatures in Lungau’s mountain world begin to drop, the hearts of true-blue winter sports fans warm up in eager anticipation.

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Over 300 kilometers of snowy pistes as well as countless, perfectly tracked cross-country ski trails.

But the sunniest region in Austria doesn’t only invite you to go alpine and Nordic skiing. With its seven side valleys, the Lungau offers a wealth of mountain and summit tours, generally regarded as an Eldorado for ski tourers. Enjoying the meteorological benefits of elevations above 1,000 meters, Salzburg’s Lungau is an ideal base for many magical ski tours of all difficulty levels. A broad and clearly marked trail network invites winter hikers, walkers, nature lovers and guests in search of nothing other than pure wintertime happiness to set out on unforgettable winter and snowshoe hikes.

The mountains majestically tower to a height of over 3.000 meters. For skiing, snowboarding, cross-country skiing, snow-hiking or ski tours.

Lungau’s climate can only be described as healthy. It was even proved by a consultant commissioned by Salzburg’s provincial government. The Lungau basin is wind sheltered to the north, west and south. The low air pressure, strong ultraviolet rays and the absence of warm currents, result in breathing deeper and thus producing more red blood corpuscles. The air pressure at 1.000 meters above sea level appears to have a positive effect on many people.

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