Renovation work, repair and  maintenance  let the Hotel Hutter at the Katschberg shine with new glamour!

Before the winter is coming there’s something to do in the Hutter-house: In the restaurant area you will find a new buffet-solution then we are able to offer more delights. More space and an integrated cooling-system for more choice and freshness!

The playroom is completely redesigned. New floor, a new pool table and for the game consoles Wii and X-Box there will be extra “gamble-niches”! For large and small, there is now a plenty of space!

And there will be a new “Juice-Bar” 🙂 – the small space between the restaurant and the lobby. There you can press fresh juices and the noise of the juice machine doesn’t disturbs the other guests at breakfast.

Of course, apart from all necessary repairs, some rooms get a small “textile-change” (new curtains and soundproof walls in the bedroom).

Plans of the conversions will follow shortly.